Among nature and art: excursions for everyone

    Este, by virtue of its proximity to the Euganean Hills, offers the possibility of countless outdoor activities, from hiking to the very popular cycle tourism. Every excursion is transformed not only into a regenerating opportunity of healthy physical activity in the outdoors, but also into a moment of discovery and knowledge: the routes, and in particular those recommended, will allow you to appreciate the naturalistic, historical and architectural heritage of the area.

    Here are some suggested itineraries by bicycle enthusiasts:

    Ca’ Barbaro Trail

    Sostegno Trail

    Este Trail

    WE LOVE BIKERS! Find out more about the project which involves seven municipalities!

    Thanks to the Veneto Region's contribution, a co-financing Project has been realized by a seven municipalities partnership: in major transit points of the existing cycle paths, seven tiny bike self-service repairs points have been set up to better welcome cyclists tourists. This is ''WE LOVE BIKERS!''

    Iniziativa finanziata dal Programma di sviluppo rurale per il Veneto 2014-2020
    Organismo responsabile dell’informazione: Comune di Este (Pd)
    Autorità di gestione: Regione del Veneto - Direzione AdG FEASR Parchi e Foreste

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    The bikers-point are available in:
    Este- Via Martiri della Libertà Comune di Este
    Barbona – Piazza Roma  Comune di Barbona
    Villa Estense- Via IV Novembre  Comune di Villa Estense
    Vighizzolo d'Este- Via Nuova Comune di Vighizzolo
    Sant'Elena – SP 42 Comune di Sant'Elena
    Ponso- Sp91- Via Vittorio Comune di Ponso
    Ospedaletto Euganeo - Piazza Pertini  Comune di Ospedaletto Euganeo


    The Euganean Hills Circuit

    The entire Euganean Hills system, which numbers a hundred individual hills, today is comprised within the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills. This itinerary, a favourite of bicycle enthusiasts, develops in a ring around the perimeter of the Park and has a wealth of tourist destinations that are disseminated through a route of 63 kilometres. The ring embraces the municipalities of Padua, Este, Abano and Montegrotto Terme and allows you to admire countless artistic treasures, enchanting landscapes and atmospheres of bygone times.

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    The Tour of the walled cities

    An excursion that combines Nature and History. It crosses the Bassa Padovana, among the Euganean Hills and the Scodosia; following the Bisatto Canal and the Frassine River, you will find numerous medieval buildings, fortified palaces, castles, fortresses, solitary towers and splendid walled cities.

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    Cycle tourism in the Province of Padua

    From simple excursions of a few hours along the embankments of the town’s canals and the countryside of the Thermal Spas to challenging trails on the Euganean Hills and up to the itineraries crossing Veneto, there are many proposals for those yearning to discover the places and traditions on a bicycle seat. And there is an abundance of events and guided tours for individuals as well as for families and groups.

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    Cycle tourism in Veneto

    Discovering Veneto by bicycle is an experience that gives the cyclist a feeling of freedom and wellbeing. By pedalling, one collects memories and emotions that will last through time. The seven provinces present trails that are different from one another, but they all have in common the fact that they are not difficult.

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    The Trail of the Prince

    This trail, enchanting and very enjoyable, much-loved by the locals, constitutes the ideal link joining the literary sites included in the “Literary Park of the Estense Hills”: from the Castle of the Troubadours who sang to Beatrice, to the Arch of Falconetto of Cornaro; from the Kunkler Villa, where Shelley had written some of his most important works, until Calaone, with a possible deviation at the former Convent of Salarola. Along the path you will see some of Este’s most interesting architectural monuments, such as the Villa Vigna Contarena and the Palazzo del Principe; all of it surrounded by extremely important naturalistic beauty, including the historic pine forest and the autochthonous flora. To follow the trail, you can start from Via dei Cappuccini and continue beyond the Arch of Falconetto, or follow the castle walls from the side of the road for Calaone.

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    The Oasis of the Restara

    The Oasis of the Restara, once the seat of an ancient canal (Restara), enriched by the vegetation planted there in the 1990s, has been restored and with the passing of time has become a veritable oasis just steps from the city centre. Thanks to the intervention of the GAL Bassa Padovana, it has been possible to carry out the environmental renovation of the entire area, offering the possibility of following a circuit of seven kilometres thanks to a gangway that, crossing the Restara canal, connects the two pre-existing bike trails.

    After the entrance to the Oasis you can continue along a circuit of seven kilometres that, at the middle point, deviates for Pra’ d’Este. To complete the circuit you can use the iron gangway that allows you to cross the canal to return to the rest area.

    The path is equipped with benches, information boards and litter baskets and the course of water is protected by wooden fences.

    The Oasis of Restara is today a fully accessible green area, but it is also a bike connection between the historical centre and the outskirts as well as between the ‘Ring of the Euganean Hills’ and the ‘Tour of the Walled Cities’.

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    The trails of the Park

    The area of the Park is covered by a dense network of trails that allow walks and excursions to suit all tastes and for every type of walker: families, trekking fanatics, nature lovers in general. From historical-naturalistic trails to those of religious inspiration, from the most mountainous areas to more relaxed ones that let you admire villas and landscapes: the Park is an infinite surprise for the eyes and a continuous pleasure for the body, thanks to the healthiness of the environment and the amenities of the trails.

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    Stoping points

    Inside the Park there are numerous parking areas equipped for public use. Some of them (only those in which there is the symbol of the brazier) allow you to light fires for picnics, using the specific barbecues already available on site.

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