Villa Kunkler (XVI-XIX century)

Former convent of the Capuchin Friars, and today belonging to the Piccioni family it is known as Villa Byron, in honour of the famous English poet George Gordon Byron who stayed there. But he was not the only illustrious guest to have resided there: the villa rented by Byron, was in fact inhabited for a period between 1817 and 1818, by Percy Shelley, his wife Mary and Byron’s wife, Claire Clermont. A plaque next to the entrance commemorates day during Shelley’s stay here he wrote the masterpieces “Giuliano and Maddalao”, the first act of the lyric drama “Prometheus unbound” and the poem “Verses written among the Euganean Hills”. After the mid-1800s, the complex was purchased by the Kunkler family, of Swiss origin. Built around 1870 according to an architectural typology typical of the Alpine area, it immediately stands out for its singular prospectus, similar to a Russian isba. Wooden structures are the refined work of the Cadornio artist Valentino Panciera, called Basarel, expert wood sculptor who had a workshop in Venice. Villa Kunkler is arranged in U-shaped volumes, surrounding a court. There are three entrances to the complex and they each lead into three areas differentiated by function. The park that surrounds it is also very beautiful.

Visit of the exterior.