Villa Cornaro Benvenuti (XVI century)

Located in the historic centre of Este, in the vicinity of the western side of the wall of the Carrarese Castle, Villa Benvenuti is enclosed by a mighty enclosure in masonry that runs along Via Cappuccini. It can be reached by passing through the Falconetto Arch and continuing along the tree-lined avenue that climbs up the slopes of the hill. The building, surrounded by dense vegetation, currently finds itself in a state of abandonment, however the site maintains an undeniable charm linked to the romantic and evocative atmosphere of the large park. The villa takes its name from the Venetian family, who had owned the property in the early nineteenth century. The Benvenuti family purchased it from the aristocratic family Farsetti, who in turn had inherited in 1707 from the Cornaro family.  The villa, after having undergone various restorations in the eighteenth century, was rebuilt around 1840 on the behest of Adolfo Benvenuti and the building which currently stands dates to this period.

Visit of the exterior or on reservation.