Tower of the Good Aid of the Castle

Of the three towers that were part of the original Carrarese Castle of Este dating back to 1339-1340, two are still preserved: the summit tower and the tower del Soccorso. The third tower, that according to historical sources was called “del Tormento”, stood near the southern gateway and it was demolished in the second half of the 1500s. There remains a trace of the medieval masonry on the terrace of the building. The complex of del Soccorso is constituted of four environments connected to one another: a first courtyard surrounded by walls (called “external Ridotto”); an internal wall (or “Rivellino”), where those defending the castle could withdraw to in the case of the door being broken down; a lateral tower that has dimensions similar to the other smaller towers of the castle, which connects the complex of del Soccorso to the eastern side of the walls; and finally the main tower, which with its 29 metres of height soars and dominates also thanks to the elevation applied to it by the Venetians. Once used as a defensive structure and accommodation for the troops, the Tower del Soccorso is a tower with a rectangular layout, with sides of 6.8 x 5.5 metres, approximately 29 metres high and with walls 1.50 metres thick. It consists of four floors and a terrace at the top that is vantage point from which to admire both the centre of the city but also the summit tower of the castle, the villas of Monte Murale (the nearby Villa Kunkler and, higher up, the seventeenth-century Palazzo del Principe), the town of Calaone and in the distance, to the north-east, the hill of Rocca di Monselice.

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