San Francesco monumental complex of (XVII century)

Former Church of San Francesco (XV-XVIII century) The church occupies the site on which, in the thirteenth century, the Church of Santa Maria stood. The church has a single nave with three apses. In 1464 in the chapel of the apse, the sepulchral monument of Taddeo and Bertoldo d’Este was built. In 1685 the church was badly damaged by fire, and its façade was renovated between 1737 and 1740. After being used as a warehouse and theatre, the church today is is used as a gym.

Former Oratory of the Confraternità dei Battuti (XV-XVIII century) Built on the behest of the homonymous confraternity of which there are traces from 1269, the foundation stone was laid in 1431. In 1738 the church was elevated and expanded with the addition of an apse.

Former Oratory of the Spirito Santo (XVII century) Built in 1691 at the expense of the convent of San Francesco for the Confraternità dello Spirito Santo, in 1763 it was definitively closed as a place of worship.

Convent of San Francesco (XVII century) From rather vague origins in terms of dating (we only know that already before 1238 in Este there was already a community of Franciscan monks with a convent and a church dedicated first to Santa Maria and then to San Francesco), it has undergone a restoration completed at the end of the seventeenth century.

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