The celebration evokes the return in the walled city of Marquis Azzo VII, Guelf and paladin of the Church, powerful Lord of Ferrara. In the year 1257 Azzo Novello liberated his city from the harsh occupation of Ezzelino da Romano, entering into Este to the cries of joy of the people. In the year 1259 the deed that brought fame to the figure of Azzo VII was the battle of Cassano d’Adda, in which he succeeded in definitively defeating the cruel Ezzelino da Romano and put an end to the imperial dream of creating a powerful domain in the Italic peninsula. The event brings to life scenes of medieval life, where the visitor can feel like the protagonist, experiencing for himself or herself the challenges based on strength and dexterity, banquets, battles, festivals in honour of commanders and Great Captains. All this against the backdrop of the splendid setting of the Castle of Este, that goes back into the distant past, to stop in faraway times, when much of history was also contaminated by legend.

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