The ‘’Romea Strata’’ was an important European Route travelled by pilgrims who, starting from Central and Eastern Europe, were on their way to Rome: from the Baltic Sea through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, actual Czech Republic and Austria to cross the Alps and enter the North East of Italy through the Tarvisio.

Before becoming a pilgrimage route, it was used for many purposes, including the commercial one: it was right there that the amber, salt, iron, silk were traded … The coming and going of people also led to the development of culture through art and architecture.  Enlighted minds, such as Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo Galilei also passed by together with decisive figures  carrying with them seeds of Christianity, Judaism and Protestantism.

This path of faith and spirituality is now embedded into Este’s historical, cultural and religious heritage. Our architectural beauties and our religious sites are only waiting to be  known even more: our hospitality will amaze you!

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